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A little about me. I am married to the best man a girl could ever dream of being married to and he is my biggest support. Coffee, craft stouts, and sweet potato fries are the three ways to become my best friend. My husband and I are currently living on the road so you best believe traveling to your wedding will be the easiest and best thing to us! Having a camera in my hand is the most natural thing I've done in this life (besides falling in love with my man). 

Meeting people where they are, creating authentic relationships and using my gift as a blessing to others is what I've been called to do and will continue to do.

hello. I'm Brea.


historical fiction


quiet times




People have asked so many times, where did the name Bird Breath come from? Well, exactly what it says - from the breath of a bird. 

During one of the most defining moments of my life, my eyes turned to God in the most unusual of ways. I was at my lowest, scrambling for answers and understanding and one day sitting by a river, praying & reading during a quiet time, a bird landed on my Bible. 

It sat there and stared, slowly coming closer, it nudged me. In amazement, I grabbed for my camera and it continued to observe me. As clear as day, I heard the words, "Trust in me." And I haven't put down my camera since. 

Whether in word or deed, do it for the glory of the lord.

Story of Bird Breath